We want to keep growing to bring new physical and cultural energy to our customers and to the country.

We are a family business that challenges the energy giants to become the fifth biggest company on the Italian panorama and the leading private-sector group in Italy in terms of customers supplied. We are a single company that encompasses three different entities: Illumia, Wekiwi and iTrend.

We are a Group full of positive energy which we share with our customers so we can grow and change together.

A story of evolution


I nostri valori

Speed means getting straight to the point.


Those who are brave aren’t scared to make mistakes.


When beauty happens it pervades everything with truth.


Knowledge is about the head as well as the heart.


Believing in others is good, not believing in them is worse.

Value Added

A job well-done always provides some form of value added.

We believe in people that always strive to do better.

They are the ones that guide our Group, driven by the desire to tackle new challenges and by the ability to create opportunities in a changing market.

Marco Bernardi

Tremagi Holding

Francesco Bernardi

Founder and Owner

Matteo Bernardi

CEO Illumia

Tiziano Pacetti

CDA: Board Member

Giulia Bernardi

HR Manager
Tremagi Holding

Valeria Giacomoni

Executive Vice President
Tremagi Holding

Claudio Carrà


Matteo Carassiti

Illumia Trend

Massimiliano Brialdi

Illumia Trend

Massimo Bello

CEO Wekiwi

Andrea Pagliarani

Financial Manager

Gabriele Corazza

Sales Director

Cosa facciamo per il Gruppo.


We give value to people and their training because we believe that the growth of the Group is dependent on the growth of all our people.

General services – secretary’s office

We believe in efficiency, in the ability to manage and organise every little detail so that everything functions as a whole.

HR Administration

We support all our employees in their career paths in order to develop a relationship based on trust and transparency.


We deal with all legal questions so all of the Companies can operate with total peace of mind.


We want to be able to count on a perfectly oiled administrative machine that facilitates the economic and financial management of the Companies.


We work to create a streamlined and dynamic system that is able to manage business negotiations in the best possible way.

Finance and Control

We manage the guarantees system in an efficient way, ensuring the prompt renewal of existing ones and preparing all necessary documentation for the opening of new ones.

2019 Numbers

185 Workers
Average age 33

22 M

915 M


We have consolidated the numbers relating to our core business, confirming our reputation as one of the leading companies on the electricity and gas sales market. In addition to the positive figures at year-end, the forecasts are optimistic with the Group enjoying ongoing growth and intent on doubling its customer base in the next 5 years.