Illumia Swiss is the Group company formed in 2015 that is dedicated to the management of the San Fiorano Robbia power line and the development of international business.

Management of the long & short term funding of the sfr
Cross boarding activities on foreign power markets
Development of presence in the main European gas hubs and on the main power markets
Scheduling and nomination on Italian and foreign platforms

The company is strengthening its structure with the appointment of new resources.
In order to ensure fluid access to the main physical and financial gas markets in Europe, Illumia Swiss will stipulate EFET and/or ISDA contracts with the main players on the market.
In the next few months analyses will be carried out to define the access to one of the regulated gas markets (Exchanges) managed by ICE Endex or EEX Pegas through the support of a financial institution that dialogues with the Clearing House.

Finally, in 2016 the first physical exchanges of gas will be concluded through the support of Illumia Gas Supply S.r.l., accredited as a shipper at the main gas hubs in Europe.


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