Illumia supports the “New Horizons” project promoted by the AVSI Foundation, which seeks to redevelop three areas of land in the neighbourhood of Abobo (Abidjan – Ivory Coast) with the aim of providing youngsters with a space where they can meet and play sport.

One of these areas of land is part of the Agnissankoi 3 ABC School Complex.

This primary school, attended by over 800 children, was chosen because it is located in one of the poorest and out-of-the-way areas of the city, where little or nothing is done for local youngsters. Children here mainly play football, using anything they can find as goalposts. The PE teachers dream of being able to teach their pupils the basics of athletics, basketball, volleyball… but without any infrastructure this is just a pipedream.

This is why the Foundation has decided to build a number of sports pitches (basketball + volleyball and 5-a-side football + handball) complete with all necessary equipment. Illumia, always attentive to the value of sport, has decided to finance the development of the entire 5-a-side football pitch.