Dynamo Camp is a Recreational Therapy camp, the first in Italy, specially designed to host ill children, undergoing treatment or following hospitalisation, and families with sick children for holidays and periods of recreation completely free of charge.

The Camp is targeted at children and teenagers of 6-17 years of age and aims to give them back their childhoods with a programme that, in complete safety and with the emphasis on enjoyment, restores their confidence in themselves and their potential.

At Dynamo Camp the children can develop their talents, trying numerous creative and sports activities in the wonderfully unspoilt surroundings of the WWF-affiliated oasis in which the Camp is located. They can share unforgettable moments with lots of other children that have undergone similar experiences without feeling different: by working and having fun together they can provide each other with lots of support.

Dynamo Camp wants to give them the chance to just be children again, enjoying a fun week in a protected environment where total safety is guaranteed by the excellent medical assistance onsite and the constant supervision of qualified staff.