Non-profit association La Mongolfiera is very dear to Illumia and was set up to help and support families with disabled children or children with special needs, focusing particular attention on the issue of education and teaching.

The goal of the association is to recognise, promote and foster a culture of care, disability and life that focuses on people and their dignity, from their conception onwards and regardless of their physical or mental state or health or any special needs they may have.

La Mongolfiera works to eliminate the barriers that hinder people’s full development: from education to health, from free time to family life.

All members of the Association are aware of the extraordinary and immeasurable value of every human being for the very fact that they exist and not because of what they are able to do. Every child is a gift and must be loved as they are.

In 2012 Illumia donated €10,000 to La Mongolfiera and, for a few years now, it has helped organise the MonGOALfiera charity football tournament in which stars of the past, like Franco Baresi, Gianluca Pagliuca, Jonathan Binotto and referee Nicola Rizzoli, also take part with the aim of raising additional funds.

You can support La Mongolfiera in different ways:
by becoming a member
by making a donation
by supporting a family